Water Features

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  • Koi pond
  • copper scuppers
  • cut stone feature
  • molalla boulder
  • natural waterfall
  • stone basin
  • stone trough
  • stone waterfall
  • tsukubai fountain

Enjoy the sight and sound of running water in your garden.

Water features are a great addition to every landscape design, whether you are looking for a formal space, a bubbling or flowing feature, or a pondless water feature, Sage Hill can design and install your waterfall or water feature.

Pondless Water Features are re-circulating waterfalls or streams without the presence of a pond. You can enjoy the sight and sound of running water without the maintenance of a pond. Additional benefits to the pondless water feature are safety and simplicity. Maintenance is reduced and there is no standing surface water to attract breeding insects.

Traditional Water Features, from quiet shallow ponds to flowing waterfalls into a formal pool, can provide many options for your landscaped space. Because of the wide range of options, adding a water feature can be accomplished in any space, even the smallest of garden areas.

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