Water Catchment & Rainwater Harvesting

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Why Harvest Rainwater?

Climate change, increased demand on dwindling water resources and water quality issues from urban runoff require us to change how we use and care for this precious resource. One way to achieve this is to improve the efficiency of its use. Water harvesting is an important conservation strategy that can be utilized at both the personal and community level with significant benefit.

Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater

  • Reduces dependence on groundwater and municipal water supply
  • Reduces on-site discharge and erosion
  • Reduces potential transport of stormwater pollutants
  • Reduces flooding
  • Increases water availability for on-site vegetation
  • Reduces water bills and groundwater pumping
  • Improves water quality and stream health
  • LEED and Earth Advantage water efficiency credits
  • Provides an alternate and supplemental water supply source

For more info on catchment systems, please visit http://valleyrainharvesting.com/

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