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  • path lights
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  • uplights

Create beautiful nightscapes with outdoor lighting and landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting is artfully highlighting exteriors with light. Sage Hill Landscape can add a new dimension to your garden. Whether it's your walkways that need accent lighting, providing light to a pool deck, spa or patio, or artfully lighting trees and landscape, the addition of outdoor lighting and LED landscape lighting provides a beautiful warmth to your landscape and security to your home.

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  • Path lighting: Low level illumination for walkways and stairs
  • Uplighting: Highlights trees and other landscape features
  • Downlighting: Projects light onto walkways, driveways and foliage
  • Backlighting: Adds subtle background light to your garden or individual features
  • Water feature lighting: Adds nighttime interest to your water feature or display
  • Security lighting: Provides light for safety and security

Sage Hill Landscape, serving the communities of Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Jacksonville and Medford.

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