With a collective approach to landscape design, close communication is our top priority. Each project begins with an initial one-on-one consultation so we can discover your vision. Here is a list of our primary services. Click each service to learn more.

Collaboration is at the heart of our design process. We listen carefully. Our goal is to help you envision a landscape which is site specific, environmentally sustainable, and that ties your indoor and outdoor spaces together in a cohesive and beautiful way. By defining a palette of plants and materials, we can enhance the relationship between architecture and the surrounding environs.

After the initial consultation to develop a strategy, the creative process begins. Working in AutoCad, we will generate an attractive and accurate site plan for your review.

A good irrigation plan is also central to a successful landscape installation. With an insightful design you will use far less water while providing the proper amount to your vegetation. With the use of micro sprinklers, drip irrigation, soakers and smart controllers, your irrigation system will save you money. We will also take into account your soil types to ensure deep watering without runoff or waste.

From planning to installation, our close contact will make sure that the results satisfy your vision and exceed expectations.

Rainwater harvesting for irrigation or fire suppression is a technically challenging process for most landscapers. We are professionals at installing rainwater harvesting systems in the Rogue Valley. We have the experience and knowledge to maximize your budget and design a system that will properly store and deliver rainwater. In addition to water catchment, we can integrate a system that will allow you to re-use gray water for irrigation. Southern Oregon is an ideal place to incorporate Rain Harvesting into a new or existing Irrigation system. A Rain Harvesting system can help supplement a home’s landscape water needs and create a better interface between the natural systems and your garden by catching and storing rainwater.

Proper installation of your irrigation plan is key to a successful landscape project. We will install your underground irrigation to optimize water delivery and minimize waste. Once the irrigation system is installed, your plants, trees, shrubs, accents and borders will be installed with attention to growth patterns, achieving long lasting beauty.

Most landscape designs include some amount of hardscaping, which is the addition of hard (non-plant) items. Hardscapes generally consists of pavers, bricks or stone for a patio, walkway, retaining wall or garden border. You may even want to include an outdoor kitchen or fireplace. Incorporating hardscape into your design creates function, texture and color, that will accentuate the plants they support.

While decking can provide a gathering space for you to enjoy for years, structures such as arbors and trellises can add interest to your garden, while softening and changing the look and dynamic.

Trellises are simple structures designed to allow climbing plants to grow vertically. They are typically rectangular in shape and vertical in orientation, and made from a variety of materials including copper, wood, nylon netting and wire. Arbors, a larger, more ornate version of a trellis, often include arches or flat roof slats. Most commonly made from wood, they are characterized by a simple form, and often act as a focal point of a path or garden. Pergolas are usually larger than arbors and are often used as an extension to a building. A more permanent architectural structure, they feature heavy beam construction, horizontal roof structure, and larger monolithic designs. They are great for creating a bridge between your home and garden, and providing partially shaded outdoor living spaces.

You can enjoy the tranquil and relaxing sounds of flowing water by including an outdoor fountain, waterfall, or pond. Water features can be large or small and suited to your property and terrain. You may opt for a large waterfall and stream that flows into your swimming pool. If you have limited space or prefer less maintenance and expense, you may consider a pondless water feature which can be a beautiful and soothing addition to your landscape design.

Sage Hill Landscape brings over twenty five years of experience in designing and installing custom swimming pools and spas. We specialize in saline (saltwater) based chemistry. Saltwater offers many benefits including lower long term costs, a safer water environment and increased comfort as a result of eliminating harsh chemicals like chlorine.

Landscape lighting can artfully highlight exteriors at night. This will add a new dimension to your garden. Whether it’s your walkway, pool deck, spa, patio, or trees that need accent lighting, this addition can provide a beautiful warmth to your property and security to your home.

Collaboration is at the heart of our design process. We are committed to working closely with you in order to provide an optimal landscape solution that expands your livable space and enhances your lifestyle.


Founded in 2008 by Ken Laidlaw, Sage Hill Landscape is widely regarded as one of the top landscape design firms in Southern Oregon.

General Contractor License #187250
Landscape Contractor License #8908
Landscape Architect; State of Oregon License #945

Ken has over twenty five years of experience in residential and commercial landscape construction. His training in landscape architecture guides his approach to project development, and his breadth of installation experience informs his project management skill set. He spent fifteen years working in high-end residential landscape construction in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to the Rogue Valley in 2008.

From initial design development, to on-site layout of hardscape, planting and finish construction, Ken brings an eye for detail and awareness of the bigger picture to every project.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; University of Georgia 1993

Member of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

Member of American Rain Catchment System Association (ARCSA) and Accredited Professional

Member of Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP)

Landscape Architect; State of Oregon, License #0983
Real Estate Broker; State of Oregon, License #201223056

For the past twenty years Tracy has been working in residential landscape design and construction. She joined Sage Hill in 2013 and worked with clients to envision their landscape, generate plans, and oversee implementation. “My approach is to listen to client needs, respond to the site, and work in collaboration to achieve engaging outdoor spaces. I stay focused on practical solutions of scale, proportion, and circulation, and use plants and hardscape elements to bring atmosphere and vitality to landscape design.” In 2017 Tracy became a licensed real estate broker and now consults with Sage Hill at client’s request.

2016-2020: City of Ashland, Oregon Wildfire Safety Commission

2013-2016: City of Ashland, Oregon Planning Commission

2010-2013: City of Ashland, Oregon Tree Commission

Erosion and Sediment Control Inspector Training; Rogue Valley Sewer

Army Corps of Engineers; Wetland Delineation Training

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honors; University of California at Davis 2000

Travis brings over twenty years of experience managing and installing high-end residential landscape projects for several of the top landscape architects in the Rogue Valley. He is well versed in all phases on landscape installation, including hardscape, masonry work, planting, irrigation and lighting. A valuable part of the team since 2015, he is always happy to discuss strategies with clients and offer insight into the construction process.


Our mission is to effectively collaborate with each client while creating professionally landscaped environments that enhances their outdoor lifestyle; and to educate and promote sustainable landscape practices.


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